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  General Information

1.   About the Bangkok Youth League

The Bangkok Youth League aims to create a competitive environment for young
experienced players to further develop as footballers. It is hoped that this league will be a positive and exciting experience for young players through a professionally run competition.

2.   League Format

The league is comprised of 8 teams per age group :

Under 8ís, Under 10ís and Under 12ís.

All League Matches will be 7 a side format to enable us to use pitches that are covered and avoid cancellation due to rain.

3. League Clubs

The following teams will participate in the next season of Bangkok Youth League:

       Bangyai FC
Prasanmit Football Academy
       Premier Football Academy  
Bangkok Soccer Schools
       B&G Academy
       iPlay Soccer Schools

4.   Venues

The season will be based on the Home and Away system.

5.    Match Schedules

ē Fixture dates run from December 2017 to May 2018.
ē Matches will be played over 18 weekends between the dates specified above.
ē Match times must be organised over the published weekend on the fixture list.

6.   Prizes

After all the scheduled matches are completed, the team with the most points will be awarded the championship trophy in each age group. The name of the champion team will be engraved on the trophy which will be given back to the organizers at the start of the next season.

After all the scheduled matches are completed, names of each teamís MVP players as voted on by opposing coaches throughout whole competition and the top goal scorerís name will be announced.

7.   Registration

Each team must submit the Application Form complete with player names and  photo, before November 30th 2017 by email to

Teams may only register players prior to the season registration deadline on November 30th, 2017 and at a window midway through the season between March 1st and 7th 2018.

Unregistered players are not permitted to take part in any league matches. If any team is found to have used an unregistered player, that team will be deducted an additional 3 points and that match will be awarded a 3-0 win to the opposing team.

8.   Venue

For each fixture, the team drawn at home is responsible for arranging the venue, referees, refreshments and communicating with their opponents.

9.   Registration

Teams may register up to 20 players by submitting a copy of Passport/ID Card or School Certificate (Bai Lap Long) showing the photo and date of birth of the player to the League Committee. Registration of all players should be completed before November 30th, 2017. Teams may field a maximum of 12 players per fixture.

10.   Age Groups

Age divisions shall be comprised of players who, prior to the first day of January of the current seasonal year, are:

u8ís     : Players must be born after 01.01.09
u10ís   : Players must be born between 01.01.07 and 31.12.08
u12ís   : Players must be born between 01.01.05 and 31.12.06

11.   Proof of Age.

Proof of age shall be required to be provided to the Club registrar the first time a player registers, and shall consist of the published requirements of the Bangkok Youth League (BYL) which can be found at

A player may move up one or more age division(s) above his/her specified age division but must also play in the correct age division. The club shall be the final authority of such a move to a higher age division.

12.   Identification Cards.

Thai National identification cards or passports shall be used by all players from under 8 through Under 12 teams.

Only official Identification cards issued with players full name and date of birth or official National Passports are acceptable as evidence of age.

13.   Registration Window

Member Clubs may register new players, replace players and transfer players from another Member Club only before the season starts or in the Registration Window between March 1st and March 7th 2018. Registration procedures must be followed as described in I.A.2

14.   Minimum and Maximum Rosters.  

No team shall be allowed to register fewer than seven (7) players. Maximum roster size for u8, u10 & u12 teams are sixteen (16) players.

Coaches will be responsible for indicating which players will and which players wonít be playing for a particular game.  

15.   False or Improper Registration.

Any team found playing an over-age player, unregistered player or player not registered to that team, shall forfeit the game(s) in which the player participated. A coach or club knowingly allowing a player to play who has falsely or improperly registered may be subject to disciplinary action.